Tool-Kit (공간상상놀이)

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It is an ongoing-research project to know the relationship between intimacy and space. It is a process of revealing the real information about the way people truly want to live. This participatory workshop gives a chance to inhabit for a moment during the process. Participants will play with miniature objects to create their home/ or public space and have a talk from home to public life in their local area.

Participants are required to take part in and cooperate in a play by participants without

2.From home to public space
Participants plan a home or public space with their family or members of their community
with a focus on design features that match their needs and outlook.

3.Imaginative construction
Participants will construct a miniature representation of the house or public space they have
planned and engage in a discussion about its design.

collaborated with Graphic designer Hui Ae Kim,  
production supports by Urbansociety